Monday, October 29, 2007

A Possible Ending For "Gone With The Captists"


Here is a possible ending being considered for "Gone With The Captists."


Dr. Schitz said...

I should be able to send a diving team in to retrieve Annie from the dinosaur's stomach. Since it is not a carnivore, it probably simply swallowed her whole.

Hobbes said...

That is horrifying and insensitive. Fortunately it is only doppelgangers and is not, I hope, a real snuff film.

Tom & Icy said...

If it swallowed her whole, maybe it will poop her out whole.
And it is funny about Snuff Film -- I guess this would be the ultimate.

Full Monty said...

Mayor McCheese's grandson Queezy McCheesy told me that Monty Python did snuff films starring that giant foot that stomps everything and a baby carriage that eats things. Please tell me that isn't true! I always believed them when they said it was just special effects!