Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Freda Fussbudget Screws Up Again

The test results for determining the father of Lammy's baby, Lambkin, were ruled invalid. Freda Fussbudget, the lab technician for Dr. Schitz, got the DNA samples all mixed up. Everything was contaminated, so new samples must be drawn from the possible fathers and the whole process must start again. Dr. Schitz said he hopes to have the new results before the end of the year, but Lammy had so many lovers, it may be the end of next year before he gets all the new samples from them.

In a previous incident, Freda Fussbudget got the charts switched for two patients in a room being prepared for surgery. Dusty Doggy was given the sex change operation meant for Murry Magdalene, and Murry got the halitosis removal surgery intended for Dusty Doggy.


Jules DeNyle said...

Man, that chick makes Nurse Violent look like a professional! I bet Dr. Schitz can't wait till Daria gets back to work!

Dr. Doo-Doo said...

Some people call that disruptive, I call it CREATIVE!!!!