Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mrs. Weirsdo's Reading

by Woody, Curmudgeon Clairvoyant

The Creativity Card came up for Mrs. Weirsdo, the woman with a Phd. in Weirdology. She has a peculiar talent for breathing life into inanimate things like dolls and stuffed animals. But like Frankenstein created a monster that eventually destroyed him, her own loving little creatures will smoother her with hairballs of love.

Yes, beware. When you breathe life into a stuffed animal, be careful what you inhale.


Rev. Jimmy Reptile said...

I just want to warn everybody that this fortune telling business is evil and satanic and Woody is a fraud anyway. Just so you are forewarned! Turn to Jesus before it is too late!

Mrs. Weirsdo said...

Don't worry, Rev. I'm not buying into it.

Woody: It does sometimes feel that way around here, but when I really go "battle axe" on them, the kids do clean up.