Thursday, September 27, 2007

Aubvey's Therapy


Aubvey begins to have doubts about Yam Man


Hobbes said...

This is most alarming. He appears to have removed Aubvey's accent! I also don't like the pretentious way he keeps calling her "AubVAY."

Tom & Icy said...

Those text to speech guys do have their own odd ways of pronouncing.
We went through Doug Drones On, but all the dolls bios have been deleted, so we don't have Aubvey's voice. Dusty wanted to make an interview out of it.

Lyanne Sakks said...

I've had doubts about Yam Man all along! Aubvey's just slow on the uptake.

Aubvey Winslow Tubervile said...

Ah am NOT! Ah was just a mess, that's all!!! But now Ah'm awl raht cuz Ah got mah accent back in a miraculous reaction to Tommy's win over Florida!!!!

Aubvey Winslow Tubervile said...

Ah mean FLORRda!!!