Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sally Satyr Pissed

Sally Satyr, the tooting and dancing sister of Peter Piper, was eliminated from The Flavor of Axe Show last night, and she was pretty well pissed about it. She claimed it was such a shocker to her because she felt as if she was the sexiest and most talented bitch on stage. When we asked her if she was upset over not winning the big date with Axe Man which is rumored to take place in Paris or Rome or Cheyenne, Wyoming, Sally just laughed at us saying she really thinks Axe Man is a dope and puppet for the "suits" or executives and producers of the show who sit back in their offices and conference rooms all day avoiding reality of life. Her true reason for becoming a contestant on the show was merely to advance her career as a solo artist and performer.

When we queried Axe Man about this, he just stuck his tongue out of the side of his mouth saying, "Sally, good ass!" Thus we figured he already had sex with her. Sally retorted by saying any actual contact of his tiny penis with her was in his imagination of his even tinier brain. But how did she know his penis was small? She said she just heard about it.

Sally said that she and her brother plan a blowing duet gig at the "Bi-Way" Club, a bi-sexual entertainment establishment which plans a grand opening later this month or early next month in the heart of the Netherworld. She said, "He'll stomp and blow and I'll dance and blow."

1 comment:

Dirty Dan said...

I'll be there!
Not that I'm bi or anything, but that Sally is HAWWWWTTTT!!!!!!
Besides, its my duty to cover a newsworthy story such as a club opening.