Monday, September 24, 2007

Enditall Puts Curse On Cheesemeister

What could be the worse thing that could happen to Cheesemeister? Well, Enditall the witch did it!

How Cheesemeister got out of the curse is HERE


Chief Jerry said...

Well, I guess now I really don't have to worry about anything untoward happening between my niece and Spooky. Spooky said he would sooner have sex with a goat than Lacey. On the other hand he seems very eager to find The Sorceress and reverse this curse, so I do have to wonder about the purity of his intent.
I think I'm going to help him, actually. See, it's pretty hard to have a nice lunch with my niece when I have to put a bag over her head so I won't lose my lunch from looking at her!

Eddie said...

Enditall soitanlee got 'er come-uppance. First Brittney opened a can of whoop arse on 'er and tossed 'er in pig manure. then the bloomin' cheesemeister opened a can of whoop arse on 'er too. it was pretty Harry Kewell. even the chuffin' wwf wannabes were impressed!

Oxy Moron said...

symbiosis is certainly a beautiful thing!