Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lip-Sync Testing


I have a program to lip-sync a character as long as they are still or really from a single photo (Crazy Talk). Now I am trying to use Mimic that moves their lips while the character is moving at 30 pictures per second.


PANSI!!!! said...

Hoo is that FLOOZY claming to have a relAYshonship with my Rev. Jimy?????!!!!!

mickey ratt said...

What youse really needs to loin to do is throw yer voices, see? That way youse can throw da coppers--I mean, da hoodlums--off yer trail, see?
Da woid verificator is "Ratica." That's my home town, see?

Tom & Icy said...

I bet when Mickey Ratt and his gang gets upset with the cops being too forceful, they start jeering and shouting, "Ratica! Ratica! Ratica! Ratica!"

Nessa said...

Are der coppers in dees hood?