Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Camera and Characters

Everything in the movie is programmed or scripted. I noticed that the camera can be set to move, and one of the settings was to fix it on a particular subject so that when the character moves, the camera moves so it constantly points at her. In the first scene I set the camera to always point at Filthy Fae's head, so whenever she moved her head, the camera kept the head exactly in the center of the frame which made the background move and look sort of strange. I was just curious how that would look. The character's moves are in blocks and the blocks are dragged onto the timeline of the movie with the mouse. We put several blocks together, and can even edit an individual block that scripts how the subject moves. The blocks are from a second to several and sometimes up to ten seconds. The sound is also in little files which I have downloaded from the net. The first one Lammy speaks is from Sex In The City, I think. I'm not sure where most of the sound files came from. Many from movie clips. In the last scene, Lammy, which is an Aiko 4.0 doll, is without her wig.


peter piper said...

Even if Lammy is flatulent, I'd still give her a shake!

Nessa said...

She's looking better today.

Hobbes said...

Wig? I thought somebody sheared her.