Monday, June 15, 2009

Wide Angle Lens

Photography has been a hobby for me for fifty years. Whenever I had spare time, I'd go take walks for hours and take pictures, or look for things to take pictures of. I'd have to find something interesting and then try to get a shot of it. Now with this matrix of 3D files, I can get an idea in my head and then create it and take the picture instead of just happening upon something by luck. The cameras work just like real cameras, like setting wide angle lens or telephoto and getting the same effects as with a real camera. And the subjects are very patient and never complain, doing whatever I direct them to do or even how to dress or even morph them into strange creatures. I have to do the make-up, costume, lighting, set design, camera settings: all right here in my comfy chair. It's kind of fun, for me anyway.


Nessa said...

I like the details you've included like the fire hydrant, mailbox, railings on the balcony. Everything adds so much interest.

Emrald said...

Is that a Meekmok ship?

Lily Strange said...

I would like to try doing that someday. But I couldn't figure out the DAZ 3D program enough to make it fun. Maybe someday I'll get photo Shop.