Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where All The Girls Come From

The doll with the captain's hat in the bar picture was just one of the girls. All these models were "morphed" from a base doll called Aiko 3. It is a third generation Anime doll. Lammy is made from Aiko 4, a fourth generation base doll, much more complex in it's wiring. The base doll is basically a wire frame like chicken wire, with skin covering that is textured and toned. Then we add a wig and clothes. Or make them transparent like Spooky Gal in the back. They also have other base dolls which they gave to us for free as DAZ3d.com gave us the program free. But we must buy the clothes and settings and props. They give us several free props and sets free each month. Artists create clothes and props and sell them. DAZ sells more advanced programs where you can make clothes and buildings and props, but they cost in the hundreds of dollars. Also this kind of program should be run on a desktop with advanced graphics cards added like a gaming computer. Most graphic cards cost from $100 on up around $500. It takes from a few minutes to sometimes hours for the computer to create or process one picture if it is very complex. That is why I like these third generation dolls so much, they a very simple and easy on the computer resources and load from the matrix quickly and are easy to manipulate and pose and quick to process in a picture.


Nessa said...

I like when you explain the whole process since I don't have a clue. Very fascinating.

ugly grace said...

I'm just glad when they show up at my pub to drink and put quatloos in my tip jar!

Nessa said...

Do you know about these programs; Terragen Classic and Terragen 2?