Sunday, February 1, 2009

Two Loves Collide

Xin was in love with Hinny, but she was also in love with the idea of becoming a sorority member of BAB (Bad Ass Bitches). During Pledge Week, Nanzy told Xin that to show her loyalty and desire to become a member, she had to stand silently and watch Nanzy have sex with her boyfriend, Hinny. Xin was perplexed and torn emotionally, but complied. Hinny and Nanzy got naked while Xin nervously watched. But then Nanzy jumped up before the sex and laughed, telling Xin to take her clothes off and make love to her boyfriend, then Nanzy left saying that it was just a test.

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wilma snoops said...

Why do I have a suspicion that King Smut put them all up to it and stood there filming the whole thing?