Saturday, January 10, 2009

Alien Guy's Extended Family

The Alien Guy with his wife, Dog Face Girl behind him in purple, and his niece Nikki Nebulae in the short skirt. Mary Jane reaches for Zot, the child she had by Alien Guy. In the back are a couple more friends or relatives.


Perlette & Saffira!! said...

Don't forget us!!!!!

eddie said...

A bloke should always be proud of 'is family, I always say. Even if they are a freaky-looking lot what gives an upstanding psychotic axe murdering zombie like meself nightmares! Looks like some smsest might of gone on in that lot. Dr. Schitz ought to take DNA samples and find out.

Hobbes said...

The Alien Guy doesn't look too good. Does he know New Year's Eve is over?