Sunday, October 26, 2008

Speadol Renee

This is a fairly new patron at Ugly Grace's bar, but he's been coming in a lot lately. We don't know much about him yet. What is your first impression of him, like, what instrument do you think he plays in a band. All we know is that he stutters and drinks lime Vodka. Some think he is from Canada because he smokes Maple leaves.


buzzin said...

I do believe I saw him escaping from Dr. Schitz' lab when I was hanging around on the wall listening to all the mad scientist gossip. I think he plays the nose flute. He claims that his DNA came from a poet from Essedge, which happens to be today's Word Verification. This poet, Zoltan Zither, is a favorite among the Vogons. They quote his works at the beginning of each VILE awards ceremony.

Hobbes said...

I would guess harmonica.